SENIOR 2020 

Welcome to our Senior 2020 Season. Please find below information regarding the season, rules, regulations and procedures.

Should you require assistance or additional information throughout the season please do not hesitate to approach either the Stadium Supervisor or Game Supervisor during your competition. Assistance is also available from our office staff between 9am and 4pm, Monday to Friday by calling 9913 3622 or send your enquiry by e-mail to


Over 18 Years Men & Women

Please note team entries have open for existing teams till the 15th September. If room permits, enrolment will open to new teams after 15th September, 2020

To enter team click on the below button.

Team Entry

Premier Men Scrimmage|Representative & Division one players|Monday Evenings

Open Men Division One|Competitive comp for players that have played|Monday or Wednesday evenings

Open Men Division Two|Competitive, Social comp |Monday or Wednesday evenings

Open Men Division Three|social competition|Monday or Wednesday evenings

Open Men Division Four|social competition|Monday or Wednesday evenings

Open Women Social|social competition for those that want to keep fit|Wednesday evenings


Fees are broken into three sections to try and disperse costs over the season and assist both families and players with large upfront costs.

  1. Player Registration (annual fee to Basketball NSW. Also known as player insurance)
  2. Team Entry Fee (per season to secure teams spot in the next competition & deducted of total game fees.)
  3. Team Game Fees (covers the expenses associated with running the competition)

1. PLAYER REGISTRATION FEE | Each player is required to pay an annual registration fee. Please note that

Senior Registration $120 per annum online (Active Kids eligible) all players are responsible for their own registration status. Registration can be completed online ONLY .  For registration support, please contact

Senior Affiliation $50 * Please note that Affiliation fee is ONLY for players who are currently registered at a NSW Basketball affiliated Association. Proof of registration is required when affiliating. Affiliated players can not pay affiliations online. All affiliations must be completed by emailing Please note that affiliation expiry date must match your primary registration expiry.

2. TEAM ENTRY | One-off payment per team to secure position within a competition. Must be completed online.

Senior Team Entry – $375 per team

3. GAME FEES | The game fee  is a team cost.  The Team Manager will receive an invoices during the first week of the season for team game fees. Upon receipt of court fee invoice, the Team Manager is asked to advise team members their portion of game fees and ask them to pay their individual portion online  ONLY. 

Total Senior Game Fees for October/December Comp $750(deposit will be deducted)

Games are played at the Northern Beaches Indoor Sports Centre, Jacksons Road, Warriewood, NSW. 

Games regulations:
Due to Covid 19 we have to make timing changes to allow shutting down of the stadium for cleaning between games. The following rules will apply.

Regular Games:

18 minute halves

Running clock

time out per team, per game. The clock will stop.

2 minute half time break


In the event of a draw, extra periods of 5 minutes will be played until a result is achieved

Foul counts will remain as they were at the end of the second half, and only 1 time out per team, per half during each extra period

time outs per team, per half. The clock will be stopped for all time outs.



Game scores are recorded on the draw. Results have been updated when the game appears in red.

  • Competition commences the week of Monday 12th October & concludes Wednesday 9th September, 2020
  • Week 1 Invoice will be sent
  • Week 3 Invoice balance to be finalised.
  • Grand Final Week 1st vs 2nd, 7-9th December  2020. Please note there is no Semi-finals. 


  • Senior holiday break – N/A

The score sheet lists the names of registered players who have been nominated by the Team Manager. Managers wishing to add or delete players from the roster must do so on the ‘Change of Roster’ form. Please note, due to Covid-19, MWBA will only accept teams with 7 registered players and no less.

Click here to submit ‘Change of Roster’ online.

If a players name is not pre-printed on the score sheet, they will not be permitted into the stadium due to Covid-19 restrictions. All players must have current Basketball NSW registration/insurance before they can play.



  • tops must be matching & reversible
  • shorts must be matching
  • numbers (00, 0-99) must be displayed on the front and back of each playing top
  • no parts of the uniform may feature external pockets or any other feature with potential to cause injury
  • undergarments which protrude from under the uniform must be the same colour as uniform or black
  • Please note that all teams must be in correct uniform from week 4. Refer to by-laws for clarification.

Please note we are unable to hand out bibs due to Covid-19. If you know of a team colour clash then team B will be expect to have an alternative strip. 

Your team needs to supply two person per game. MWBA  staff will provide assistance for the first few weeks of the competition. Team mangers are asked to provide a roster to all members of the team so that each member knows when it is their turn to undertake scoretable duties. Please note the scoretable official should be minimum 14years+

Want to learn more about Scoretable duties click here.

Click to view  Competition By-Laws, Codes of Conduct, Zero Tolerance Policy and Risk Policy. Manly Warringah Basketball expects all participants to adhere to the spirit of the rules, with fun and healthy recreation as the primary goals rather than winning at all costs.

For the most, participants and spectators enjoy their basketball in a competitive and positive manner here at Manly Warringah Basketball Basketball. From time to time however, some people let their emotions take over and display unacceptable behaviour towards officials, the opposition or their supporters and at times, even their own team members or kids. Please always remember to support participants, including referees in a positive manner.  Please view our Zero Tolerance Policy and be aware that any breaches can be referred to tribunal.

Looking for an extra player to join your team? Check out the Individual Player Board! Click Hereto view.

If you would like to be added to the Individual Players Board, please Click Here

If you wish to be removed from the Individual Player Noticeboard please forward an email to


Please note that while Manly Warringah Basketball Association will make every effort to accommodate individual players, placement is not guaranteed. 

Manly Warringah Basketball Association has created an Individual Player Board to assist the many parents and players who are seeking to join a team and the teams who are seeking players. 

Submissions will appear on our website within 7 working days. Please note:

  • Miniball Players will NOT be placed on the individual player board, Please call Manly Basketball for further information ph: 9913 3622.

By nominating as an Individual player, you are agreeing to:

  • your details (individual name, email address, mobile phone number, grade) to be posted on the Individual Player Board located on the Manly Warringah Basketball Association website. 
  • MWBA competition by-laws, policies and procedures. Click here to view all documents.


Require further assistance please contact the stadium on 9913-3622 or email

JUNIOR & SENIOR INDIVIDUALS | High School Students and over 18 years old

No payment is required until player is placed in a team. While every effort is made to accommodate individual nominations, placement is not guaranteed.

Click here to nominate for the INDIVIDUAL NOTICEBOARD.


Semester 1 Comp Jan-June 2019 Semester 2 Comp July-October 2019
  • Open Men Monday Div 2
  • Open Men Monday Div 2: Hybrids
  • Open Men Monday Div 3: 
  • Open Men Monday Div 3: Dubs
  • Open Men Monday Div 4: 
  • Open Men Monday Div 4: Demon’s
  • Open Men Monday Div 5: 
  • Open Men Monday Div 5: 808’s & Fastbreakers
  • Open Men Wednesday Div 2: 
  • Open Men Wednesday Div 2: Boaters
  • Open Men Wednesday Div 3: 
  • Open Men Wednesday Div 3: Sandwich
  • Open Men Wednesday Div 4:
  • Open Men Wednesday Div 4: Space Ham
  • Open Men Wednesday Div 5: 
  • Open Men Wednesday Div 5: D.U.I